It’s championship week in the Pick 6 football prediction contest. Get yours in by Friday.

As the college football season winds down, the Pick 6 standings are tightening up.

Last week’s Michigan-Ohio State game went down to the final minute, and its outcome was pivotal in a week where most contestants agreed on the other games. Here are the winning teams from Week 13, followed by the percentage of people who correctly picked them: Boise State over Air Force (86%), Oregon over Oregon State (89%), Michigan over Ohio State (49%), Arizona over Arizona State (91%), Washington over Washington State (97%) and Florida State over Florida (89%).

With contestants almost exactly split down the middle on Michigan-Ohio State, here’s how the Pick 6 Top 6 shook out after the Wolverines’ win and using the Boise State score prediction as a tiebreaker — with margin of victory taking precedence, followed by total points scored.

Gman and Jack McElwee also had perfect 6-0 records, but lost out in the tiebreaker. There were also two additional perfect scores — but the entries lacked any identifying information. This week’s No. 1 picker, Robert Glenn, was just one point away from having a perfect tiebreaker score, which would have been the second week in a row a contestant has pulled that off.

In the overall season standings, Glenn McGeoch creeped up on longtime leader GenXMichael. (Also, side note: A big Nebraska presence on this leaderboard.)

And the race is exceptionally tight in percentage leaders — which is best winning percentage for those who have participated in at least two-thirds of the contests (nine of the 13).

All the games on this week’s list are conference championship matchups, including Boise State’s battle for the Mountain West against UNLV in Las Vegas. We also wanted to include the massive showdown between Oregon and Washington for the Pac-12 title this week, so get your picks in before 6 p.m. Mountain on Friday — which is when the Ducks and Huskies kick off (also in Las Vegas, incidentally).

This is the last contest of the regular season, but we’ll have one last Pick 6 for the bowl games. As always, here’s a reminder of the rules.

1) List your name (optional).

2) List a unique user name if you don’t want your real name used (optional).

3) List your favorite college football team (optional).

4) Pick the winners of our six games.

5) As a tiebreaker, predict the final score of the Boise State-UNLV game.

6) You’ll have until kickoff of the first game on our list to make your picks (6 p.m. Friday this week).

Good luck! If the game format isn’t showing up below on your screen, follow this link.