Champions League final kick off DELAYED as Liverpool fans stuck outside

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Champions League final kick-off has been delayed by at least 30 minutes to allow fans stuck outside to enter the stadium.

UEFA announced the decision was due to "fans arriving late at the stadium", but thousands are reported to have been queueing to get inside the Stade de France for upwards of three hours.

The governing body’s reason changed minutes later to “security reasons.”

A lack of organisation meant there were shambolic scenes outside the ground.

Long queues formed and the Liverpool end was noticeably patchy less than half an hour before kick-off as supporters struggled to get in.

A few ticketless fans were seen trying to gain access to the Stade de France, despite a permanent fence being in place around the perimeter.

Associated Press's Rob Harris, reporting from outside the ground, tweeted: "Huge queues still outside the Stade de France with the [Champions League final' kicking off shortly, particularly after at least one gate was locked.

"Fans fearing for their safety."

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