“The Challenge” Veteran Nelson Thomas Faces Potential Ankle Amputation After Serious Car Accident in March

The reality star was rescued from his flaming car in Austin, Texas by Minnesota Vikings player K.J. Osborn

<p>MTV</p> The veteran of the MTV series is facing possible ankle amputation from car accident dent


The veteran of the MTV series is facing possible ankle amputation from car accident dent

Nelson Thomas has encountered a significant setback in his recuperation from a March car accident he was involved in. The Challenge star is now facing a potential ankle amputation.

Thomas was rescued from his flaming car in Austin, Texas, by Minnesota Vikings player K.J. Osborn and three other good Samaritans. His path to healing has been strenuous, involving nearly two months in the hospital and multiple surgeries. In a recent Instagram video, he conveyed a concerning update on his condition.

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"I received the most disheartening news about my ankle," Thomas captioned the video.

In the clip, Thomas shared that his orthopedist told him that his ankle had re-fractured and was not healing. The doctor's evaluation also revealed a more grave situation.

"Come to find out, where they have the screws and plates, the bone broke. It did not re-heal," he said. "The doctor has laid my options out there. The stage that I’m in right now is called a salvage stage, which [means] either they can salvage my ankle, or they can amputate it."

To attempt to save the ankle, a CT scan and additional blood work are required. This would be followed by an ankle fusion surgery, a procedure that solidifies the injured ankle joints into a fixed bone segment, significantly limiting mobility. Despite the surgery's intent, it carries substantial risks and can often be unsuccessful, potentially culminating in amputation.

"This is not going to break me, but goddamn, I’m so over hearing bad news,” Thomas said in the video. “I just wanted some good news today."

In his recent Instagram update, Thomas mentioned seeking a second opinion from a specialist about his ankle's treatment.

Thomas began his journey in reality TV with Season 3 of Are You the One? in 2015. The following year, he debuted on MTV's The Challenge. Over eight years, Thomas participated in 10 seasons, earning over $30,000 in winnings.

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