Cellframe Is Launching The Testnet 2.0 In the Run-up to The Mainnet

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Novosibirsk, Russia--(Newsfile Corp. - November 29, 2021) - Project Cellframe (CELL) announced the launch of SubZero, a testnet 2.0 with the ability to build bridges with Ethereum and Bitcoin. This is the final stage before the launch of the mainnet.


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Cellframe (http://cellframe.net/?utm_source=media&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=subzero_release) is a platform for creating quantum-safe blockchain solutions that solves the problem of scalability with the unique use of sharding, eliminating the bandwidth bottleneck. $CELL is a quantum-resistant cryptocurrency which has successfully implemented several quantum-hacking resistant signatures. This technology will be sustainable in the era of quantum computers, which will jeopardize the encryption of many cryptocurrencies.

SubZero is an intermediate link between the first Core-T testnet and the mainnet, which is in the final stage of development. Testnet 2.0 will have a subchain and consensus structure as close to the mainnet as possible. Direct wallet signing will not be possible. A delegated key verified by root nodes will be required to create a master node. The applicant would have to confirm the existence of transactions and the presence of services (VPN or just transaction execution), i.e. a service that benefits the network.

"Since we have no-issuance and the start of mining is expected in December, users receive income from the fact that the master node borrows money to provide the service and pays a percentage on fees. This mechanism will be shown at SubZero, where it can be tested," explained Cellframe CEO Dmitry Gerasimov. According to him, it will become the basis for single-token stacking, where CELL token holders will be able to invest their tokens in the system without pairing with other tokens and get profit in the form of commissions from service provision fees.

Also, 256-bit arithmetic will be implemented (in testnet 1.0, there was 128-bit arithmetic, much faster, optionally it can still be used in parallel with 256-bit one). The new arithmetic, together with the implementation of classical cryptography, will allow the development of a bridge with the Ethereum, BSC, and Bitcoin networks. Subsequently, it will provide an opportunity to develop bridges with any other real blockchains.

More about Cellframe:

CELL aims to develop and implement the most secure and scalable blockchain in existence. It is built from scratch with plain programming language C, making the utilization of CPU and RAM more efficient. As a result electricity usage and expenses of maintaining the node greatly decrease. Moreover, it allows you to launch a node on any computer with any OS.

Cellframe Network allows to replace cloud solutions to fog one and tokenize business. It offers the strongest protection - quantum - and advanced cryptography, as well as distributed CA, which enhances security of transactions.

The $CELL smart contracts on BSC and Ethereum have been audited by Solidity Finance.

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