Celebs Go Dating's Paul Carrick Brunson calls out Vanessa Feltz in tense scene

paul c brunson
Celebs Go Dating expert calls out starDavid M. Benett - Getty Images

Celebs Go Dating spoilers follow.

Things got heated on Celebs Go Dating tonight, with expert Paul Carrick Brunson criticising Vanessa Feltz for her attitude.

Tonight’s (August 31) episode saw Vanessa and the five other celebrities - Adam Collard, Lottie Moss, Chloe Burrows, Mark-Francis Vandelli and Spuddz - convene for the second agency brunch of the series, with the group having new matches to chat to.

The experts - Brunson, Anna Williamson and Tara Suwinyattichaiporn - threw in a twist, however, as they would provide feedback after observing each date, with the trio watching closely as the celebrities made their moves (kind of).

paul c brunson
David M. Benett - Getty Images

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Vanessa, who had received extremely negative feedback from three of her four dates thus far, didn’t get off to the best start with her latest match, with his profession in the music industry reminding her of her previous boyfriend.

As the date began to unravel, Paul took Vanessa away to give her some advice, explaining that she had let her own preconceptions impact the conversation. Vanessa retorted by saying the experts had ignored her wishes, with Paul subsequently calling her out for her behaviour.

“Vanessa - I love you but you’re coming for me. I’ve been completely respectful to you [but] you shot me down,” he began. “You know what’s interesting? You’re doing to me what you have just done to him [her date].”

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Tonight’s events come a night after the broadcaster criticised the dating experts for a string of failed dates, with Anna explaining that the matches perhaps felt “intimidated” by Feltz’s intelligence and intensity.

Elsewhere in tonight’s instalment, there was awkwardness aplenty as the celebrities had to make a decision between their latest dates and previous matches, with Spuddz having a triple threat just to make things more interesting.

Celebs Go Dating airs on weeknights on E4.

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