Celebrity MasterChef 2023 confirms its finalists

celebrity masterchef semifinal 2023, john torode and gregg wallace
Celebrity MasterChef 2023 reveals its finalistsBBC /Shine TV

Celebrity MasterChef spoilers follow.

Celebrity MasterChef has revealed the finalists for the 2023 series tonight (September 1) — with one celebrity falling at the final hurdle.

Marcus Brigstocke, Luca Bish, Jamelia, Amy Walsh, Wynne Evans and Max George were tasked with recreating a three-course meal inspired by first-class airline food.

With one challenge left between them and the final, the celebrities pulled out all the stops to create a top-notch dining experience. However, it was comedian Marcus who was sent home after a major culinary mistake.

Emmerdale actress Amy established herself as the frontrunner of the round, with her '70s inspired meal leaving judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode extremely impressed.

celebrity masterchef semifinal 2023, marcus brigstocke
BBC /Shine TV

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Likewise, Wynne, Luca and Jamelia's dishes were also a success, with opera singer Wynne's decision to present his food in an airplane lifejacket even winning a chuckle from the judges.

However, for singer Max and comedian Marcus, the round wasn't a success, as each celebrity made a mistake in their meals. While Max's fragrant prawn Thai curry and lime ice cream went down well, his undercooked rice was noted by John.

For Marcus, his menu of pork fillet with 'Nduja and potato gnocchi followed by Matcha tea swiss roll started off strong, but a mistake with timing meant that his pork was served severely undercooked.

"The pork was raw, you couldn't eat it," Gregg said afterward, while Marcus acknowledged he'd made a costly mistake.

celebrity masterchef semifinal 2023, john torode and gregg wallace
BBC /Shine TV

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The final decision was down to Max and Marcus, who'd both served imperfect meals. John and Gregg ultimately decided that Marcus's undercooked pork was a bigger error than Max's inconsistent rice.

"I'm not surprised but aww man I'm gutted," the comedian said afterward, adding that he was "genuinely thrilled" to see the final five go through.

Celebrity MasterChef airs on BBC One.

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