Celebrities you totally forgot competed on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Gibson Johns

"Dancing With the Stars" has been a stalwart of reality television ever since it premiered on ABC back in June of 2005.

And, since then, hundreds of celebrities have competed for the Mirrorball trophy. Some of the famous contestants are forever engrained in our memory -- who could forget Amber Riley's or Apolo Anton Ohno's triumphant runs to the title or Erin Andrews' turn on the ballroom floor before she became a host?

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But for every unforgettable celeb on "DWTS," there are countless others that we never could have told you competed on the show way back when. Kim Kardashian, arguably the most talked-about celebrity in the world, was on "Dancing With the Stars"? Tucker Carlson did ballroom dancing on national television?

We rounded up some of the stars that you probably forgot were on "Dancing With the Stars" in the gallery below:

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