Celeb-Approved Fall 2023 Hair Color and Style Trends You Need To Know About

Fall is the perfect time for a hair refresh, especially after the summer season, which can be particularly harsh on hair with the effects of heat, sun, chlorine and saltwater all contributing to depleted strands. Therefore, it's highly recommended to start considering sourcing your fall 2023 hair trends that can give your hair a new life.

With the arrival of cooler weather, we have the opportunity to experiment with new hairstyles and colors that can add extra oomph to our overall look. We're not settling for regular ponytails anymore, we can try new silhouettes that won't just be thrown up into a boring bun.

We tapped celebrity hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos, who gave us all the tea on what to expect from the girlies this autumn. This year's hair trends are all about exuding luxury yet achieving low-maintenance styles and understated hues that give your hair a natural vibe. For instance, instead of platinum blonde shades, you can opt for a more toned-down blonde. Additionally, we're going for a more neutral, muted espresso brown for our dark-haired baddies instead of the liquid mocha brown that ruled for the summer.

If you're ready for your "new hair, who dis," era, keep reading on for the hair trends and colors that we're expecting the girlies to eat up this fall.

The Lob Bob Haircut

"The trend I think will rule this fall is nickname being the microbob, the new lob is a type of haircut cut around the ear length deeming it to be a “short bob," Giannetos says to Hypebae Beauty. "Even though this look has been around for quite some time now, the cut emerged due to the trendy Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Week runway shows."

Rich Champagne/Warm Chocolate Hues

Giannetos says that highlights and balayage will always be a vibe, but we're giving it a rest this year. "We are going to be seeing more full rich colors rather than balayage and highlights," The stylist says. "Some rich champagne and warm chocolate shades will be the vibe for this coming autumn. Balayage has been in for quite some time now but people want to see something new, something different."