CBS Sports’ Nate Burleson on why Chiefs’ Travis Kelce would be a natural as broadcaster

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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady ended his retirement to make another Super Bowl run, but when he finally does call it quits, he has a high-paying job waiting for him.

Brady will transition from pro football quarterback to pro football broadcaster as he’s accepted a job with Fox Sports. He’ll be paid $375 million over 10 years.

Brady’s role is yet to be defined but if he steps into the broadcast booth, he’ll join Tony Romo, Greg Olsen and Aqib Talib (and others) as former players to call games.

With that in mind, asked 10 of its broadcasters/analysts to pick a current NFL player they’d most like to see in the broadcast booth one day.

Nick Shook and Nate Burleson both chose former Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Burleson, the former NFL wide receiver who works for CBS Sports, the NFL Network and the “CBS Mornings” show, explained why Kelce, 32, would be a natural in the booth.

“Kelce knows the game inside and out, so he would be just as smooth in the booth as he is on the field!” Burleson wrote. “Also, he has a great sense of humor, which means the viewers would be thoroughly entertained all game long.”

Shook explained why he believes Kelce or maybe even his brother, Jason, who is the Eagles’ center, would be his pick.

“Frankly, either Kelce brother — Travis or Jason — would be a good pick, and if you need proof, just replay the Super Bowl LII and LIV parades,” Shook wrote. “I’m picking Travis for his infectious personality, demonstrated on-camera charisma and lengthy résumé of on-field achievements. He’ll speak with unquestionable authority and expertise, effectively express the emotions of the game and be sure to crack a few jokes when the time is right. What more could you want?”

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