CBS’ Robert Costa Astounded By Kevin McCarthy’s New Donald Trump Claim

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) on “CBS Sunday Morning” predicted Donald Trump would be the Republican 2024 nominee, envisioned the former president beating President Joe Biden in a new match-up, endorsed the four-times-indicted GOP front-runner and also said he’d be willing to serve in a Trump Cabinet.

It was one response from the ousted House speaker that left CBS’ Robert Costa perplexed, though.

“You praise Trump’s policies. You say he’s a good guy,” Costa noted. “But many Americans, they look at his language, they listen to his speeches, and they hear an authoritarian, some say even a fascist on the horizon in this country. What do you say to those people who have those real concerns?”

McCarthy replied: “I don’t see that, and this is what I tell President Trump, too. What President Trump needs to do in this campaign, it needs to be about rebuilding, restoring, renewing America. It can’t be about revenge.”

Costa pointed out Trump is “talking about retribution, day in, day out.”

“He needs to stop that,” McCarthy replied. “He needs to stop that.”

Costa asked McCarthy if he really thought Trump would take that on board.

“You think he’s going to listen to you saying ‘stop that, stop that’? He hasn’t listened to anybody before,” said Costa.

“That’s not true,” McCarthy claimed. “He will adapt when he gets all the facts.”

Watch the exchange here: