Cayley Jenner Is Pregnant, Expecting Another Baby with Husband Brandon Jenner: ‘Over the Moon’ (Exclusive)

The couple is already parents to twin sons Bo and Sam, 4, as well as daughter Eva James, 8

<p>Monse Escobedo/The Jenners</p> Cayley and Brandon Jenner

Monse Escobedo/The Jenners

Cayley and Brandon Jenner

Cayley and Brandon Jenner’s family is growing again!

The Jenners, who got married in January 2020 and welcomed twins that same year, are expecting another baby together in August, the couple exclusively tells PEOPLE.

Cayley, 38, took two pregnancy tests before spilling the news to Brandon, 42, in December.

“When I went to tell Brandon that night as we were getting ready for bed he totally beat me to the punch,” Cayley recalls to PEOPLE. “I had the tests in my pocket and I was going to just lay them down as he was brushing his teeth, but before I could do it, he looked at me and said, ‘So how pregnant do you think you are?’ I was floored.”

The expectant mom pulled out the tests and wondered if her husband had seen the tests' packaging in the trash, which he had not, before they laughed, hugged and kissed to celebrate.

“Then, we laid in bed and laughed hysterically thinking about how wild it would be if we had twins again,” Cayley says, adding that Brandon guessed correctly because of timing. “We conceived on Thanksgiving, which is so cute and special. I feel so grateful to get to do it all over again.”

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<p>Monse Escobedo/The Jenners</p>

Monse Escobedo/The Jenners

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The couple is already parents to twin boys Bo and Sam, 4, and daughter Eva, 8, the latter of whom they informed first about the pregnancy.

“We wrapped a onesie and gave it to her on Christmas Eve while her brothers were napping, and as soon as she saw the onesie, she knew,” Cayley remembers. “She gasped and looked at me with the sweetest, knowing eyes, then lunged across the bed to hug me and said, ‘You’re having another baby!’”

Meanwhile, the boys have noticed their mom’s “growing belly” and are “really excited to be big brothers.”

<p>Monse Escobedo/The Jenners</p>

Monse Escobedo/The Jenners

The new baby will be the latest addition to their Malibu home, which aside from the siblings, includes the Jenners’ 14 pets: tortoise Tortellini, two dogs Onyx and Ludo as well as 11 chickens named Goldie McGlittershorts, Lady Black Bear, Night Shadow Le Claire, Teacup, Treena, Matilda “Tilly” McDouglas, Lady Marmalade, Apricot, Pepper and Anne of Grey Gables.

“We are just over the moon to be adding another baby to the family, and we can’t wait to meet him/her,” Cayley says, emphasizing they won’t know the sex of the baby until birth. “We didn’t find out the sex of the boys — and we will keep it a surprise again this time.”

<p>Monse Escobedo/The Jenners</p>

Monse Escobedo/The Jenners

The 14 pets, the siblings and Cayley’s pregnancy journey will be part of the couple’s plant-based cooking series At Home with the Jenners on streaming network UnchainedTV.

Food cravings have been top of mind for Cayley during this pregnancy.

“I had really bad morning sickness from weeks six to 12, so it was a lot of bagels, apples and cereal,” she says. “My main craving has been citrus. I can’t get enough. You can see me at the farmers’ market buying dozens of tangerines and oranges each week. Sandwiches are also a big hit."

"I tend to have more of a sweet tooth while pregnant, so I’ve been enjoying tons of fruit, granola, yogurt and berries. Yum, now I’m hungry again!”

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