Cave created by underground river hits Tennessee market for $4.5 million. Look inside

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This popular Tennessee attraction is decked out in caves that have been around for millions of years — and it could be yours.

Bristol Caverns is for sale for $4.5 million by Southeastern Properties, according to the listing.

The impressive structure was carved out by an underground river 200 million to 400 million years ago, according to Bristol Caverns.

Bristol Caverns
Bristol Caverns

Bristol Caverns is open to the public for tours of all three levels, “from Mayor Preston’s Chamber in the upper section to the winding banks of the underground river 180 feet below on the cavern floor,” its website said.

Native Americans once used the “underground river as an attack and escape route” on raids against settlers, according to Bristol Caverns.

Bristol Caverns
Bristol Caverns

The attraction is filled with arches, columns, and natural stone lined with red, blue, gray, brown and sparkling white.

It’s been with one owner for more than 50 years and is now “available to another generation,” the listing said.

Bristol Caverns
Bristol Caverns

The Bristol Chamber of Commerce just hopes that the new owner doesn’t get rid of it, WJHL reported.

“What we would hope is that whoever buys it will see it as the asset that it is and then maybe even more,” Bristol Chamber President and CEO Beth Rhinehart told the outlet. “Maybe they’ll take it to another level. It is certainly something that we add to our tourist attractions here and it’s a big draw.”

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