Catherine Zeta-Jones flaunts her zucchinis

·1 min read

Anyone who's ever succeeded in not killing a plant will relate to Catherine Zeta-Jones' enthusiasm in her new hype video on Instagram about the size of her zucchinis. "Extremely large zucchinis," Zeta-Jones purrs in voice-over as she pans down the row of freshly-picked summer squash — "or in Britain as we call them, courgettes."

But to-ma-to, to-mah-to — "they are stupendous," Zeta-Jones raved, before flipping the camera around for a quick (and fully clothed) gardening selfie.

To be honest, her zucchinis really are stupendous: "Not gonna lie, I didn't expect them to be that large," one impressed Who? Weekly commenter wrote.

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