Cat Uses Christmas Tree as 'Christmas Treadmill'

A cat was filmed rotating a Christmas tree while stood on its hind legs on Tuesday, November 29, in what the feline’s owner described as a “Christmas treadmill”.

Video filmed by Carol Berkow shows her cat, Ziggy, place his front paws on the lower branches of the Christmas tree and push the tree in a counter-clockwise motion. The cat’s curious actions are accompanied by an impromptu musical narration from Berkow.

“He likes to climb in the tree which is what I thought he was going to do when I started filming him,” Berkow told Storyful. “I’ve never seen him spinning it before.” Credit: Carol Berkow via Storyful

Video Transcript

- (SINGING) [INAUDIBLE] the cat. I'm ready to [INAUDIBLE] the Christmas tree and ruin all your decorations. Here is the cat doing a kitty Christmas treadmill. Cat, cat, cat. Cat, cat, cat. Cat, cat, cat, and a kitty-ta-cat. Meow, meow, meow, spinning a tree. Cat, cat, cat, and a kitty-ta-cat.

(CUTESY VOICE) I am offended that you want to keep some of these ornaments in the back. I will bring them to the front.

Are you done spinning the tree?


There goes cat. And there goes cat. Where'd we get all these angels? That's not me.

(SINGING) A cat, cat, cat, and a kitty-ta-cat. Reowr.