Cat Climbs Into Christmas Tree for Closer Access to Baubles

A cat in Lincoln, England, was caught red-pawed on November 16, when she nestled into the branches of the Christmas tree at her owner’s home so she could bat at the baubles at her leisure.

Diana Plikaityte filmed nine-month-old Maisie fiddling with the Christmas decorations while cozily resting in the branches of the tree.

Plikaityte told Storyful that the kitten had been intrigued since the tree was put up earlier that month, first playing with the baubles and then pulling them out to use as “sparkly footballs.”

“One day I was on the sofa and I caught her in action of climbing the Christmas tree from the bottom up, where she popped out to entertain herself with the leftover baubles,” she said.

Plikaityte posted a follow-up video three days later of a bare tree and implied that Maisie had completely denuded it of decorations. Credit: Diana Plikaityte via Storyful

Video Transcript