Caspian Studios Launches Business Thriller Podcast Offering

The two-year-old company that works with tech giants such as Snowflake, Dell, and Oracle will begin offering fictional thriller Podcasts-as-a-Service (PaaS).

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 26, 2022 / Over the last two years, Caspian Studios has created 50+ podcast and video series for B2B tech companies and pioneered the Podcast-as-a-Service model. They have produced the Oracle-sponsored Often Imitated Podcast, Snowflake's The Data Cloud, and Qualified's Demand Gen Visionaries, which collectively have hundreds of thousands of listeners. Now, CEO Ian Faison and the team at Caspian Studios launched a first-of-its-kind offering for clients: the ‘Business Thriller'.

The Business Thriller is an out-of-the-box fiction podcast series that combines comedy and mystery in bingeable 20 minute episodes. This Podcast-as-a-Service (PaaS) sponsorship offering is designed to help B2B marketing teams leverage Hollywood-style storytelling.

"Marketers are desperate for a way to create content that rises above noise. The Business Thriller is edu-tainment - a rapid departure from stodgy blog posts and boring webinars," says CEO Ian Faison.

Caspian Studios, Monday, September 26, 2022, Press release picture
Caspian Studios, Monday, September 26, 2022, Press release picture

Each series targets a B2B persona (marketing, IT, sales, cyber-security, HR, etc.) with business authentic language, Hollywood-style writing, and A-list talent. An example of this type of fiction storytelling is The Hacker Chronicles podcast. The Hacker Chronicles, produced by Caspian Studios, is a cyber-crime podcast thriller filled with security themes, suspense, laughs, and lessons, wrapped in a fast-paced format.

"Imagine if you could combine the insider business jokes of a show like Silicon Valley and the gripping format of a podcast like Serial - but aimed towards a specific B2B audience. That's a Business Thriller."

Caspian Studios recently brought on Dane Eckerle (Development Executive and Producer who recently produced I LOVE MY DAD, which won the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award at SXSW in 2022), Rex New (co-writer DANCE CAMP and the upcoming BAD HOMBRES, writer of The Hacker Chronicles), Claudia Lombana (Emmy award-winning producer and reporter), and Landon Pontius (Creative Producer and former Walt Disney Imagineer). This all-star team will help bridge the gap between the world of B2B and Hollywood.

383M people globally listen to podcasts, with the top genres being true crime, comedy and murder mysteries. Caspian is delivering this type of consumable, Hollywood-style content for specific B2B audiences - including marketing, IT, sales, cyber-security, HR and many more. They are releasing a slate of Business Thriller podcast series available for sponsorship in Fall of 2022.

"The team at Caspian Studios is pushing the boundaries of B2B marketing. CMOs are always looking for what's next - this is it." said Lauren Vaccarello, CMO of Salesloft.

Ian Faison is a West Point graduate, former Army Captain and Executive Producer who founded Caspian Studios to help CMOs and marketing teams create world-class podcasts and video series. Caspian Studios manages 50+ podcasts in a variety of industries.

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Caspian Studios is the premier end-to-end podcast solution for B2B and enterprise companies. Founded by Ian Faison as the first Podcast-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider, Caspian Studios is on a mission to help marketers build remarkable podcasts, content and communities that improve people's careers. Caspian delivers a turnkey service that combines both world-class production and cutting-edge growth marketing to create and scale a podcast audience.

Caspian Studios' customers are companies like Snowflake, Oracle, Stripe, Dell, VMware, Asana, Intel, Okta, Talend, Coupa, Seagate and many more.

Caspian Studios is helping B2B marketers rise above the noise.

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