Carson Daly helps Ayo Edebiri with her purse after Emmy win

Carson Daly and Ayo Edibiri (Getty)
Carson Daly and Ayo Edibiri (Getty)

Carson Daly came to Ayo Edebiri’s rescue when her name was called for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series at the 2024 Emmy Awards.

The Voice host seemed to be at the right place at the right time on 15 January inside the Peacock Theatre in Los Angeles. Edebiri, 28, was honoured for her performance in The Bear, at this year’s Emmy Awards, celebrating the best of the best in television. But on her way up to the stage to accept her win, she realised she was carrying too much.

In a clip posted online, Edebiri is seen sitting at her table before her name was announced as the winner by Christina Applegate who said, “Ayo, get your ass up here”. Edebiri then grabbed her speech from her purse before walking toward the stage. However, in a hurry, she gave her bag to Daly, not wanting to carry everything up with her.

“I got you,” Daly told Edebiri, smiling and gladly accepting her belongings.

The 50-year-old TV personality had been sitting next to the entire cast of The Bear.

Edebiri made it back to the press room after giving her speech. There, she joked about how Daly was probably still holding her purse and cell phone.

Fans took to the internet to praise the sweet interaction between the two A-listers. Some joked about whether or not Daly gave Edebiri her stuff back.

“Can someone check and see if Carson Daly gave Ayo her purse and phone back,” one viewer joked on X.

Another added: “Carson Daly still holding Ayo’s purse is so cute.”

“Ayo Edebiri, Emmy winner, asking Carson Daly to hold her purse – real one,” a third said.

One touched individual remarked: “Love how Ayo Edebiri really asked Carson Daly to hold her purse while she went up to accept her Emmy, and he was like, ‘I got you.’”

Earlier in the night, Daly showed his kindness once again. On the red carpet, ahead of the ceremony, the producer was seen on FaceTime with his wife, Siri.

Today caught the sweet moment on video, filming Daly as he took Siri around to share the excitement from the event.

“Love them both,” one woman commented on Instagram, while another proclaimed: “Cutest couple ever.”