Caroline Flack’s family revealed they always feared she’d take her own life in new documentary

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Caroline Flack


Caroline Flack’s family have revealed they always feared the TV presenter would take her own life.

In a new Channel 4 documentary, Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death, the late Love Island host’s mum Christine Flack, 70, and twin sister Jody Flack, 41, said Caroline was always “fascinated” by suicide.

They revealed she tried to end her own life following a relationship breakup before she found fame.

“She had a long relationship when she was in Cambridge but that ended and then we got a call, she’d taken some pills, she spent time in hospital and then you could tell it wasn’t right, her reaction wasn’t right. Yeah, she didn’t handle heartbreak well,” Christine said.

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“We went through all the doctors and they saw to her and thought no it’s just a one off but there was always that fear after then that… I don’t know, you always worried in case anything happened”.

Jody added that it felt “weird” talking about it as it’s something “she never wanted anybody to know about”.

“Each serious boyfriend, she sort of took a lot of tablets, drank a lot, and ended up in an A&E situation a lot of times. She really didn’t think she could cope with that feeling so it was her trying to control it”.

Ms Flack’s family are hoping the documentary helps to encourage fans to open up about mental health by raising awareness on the star’s battle with depression.

They believe if the former X Factor host had opened up about her struggles she may still be here today.

“She hated the thought of people thinking she was this awful person,” Christine said.

“Even when she’d taken pills as a young person, she didn’t want anyone to know, she didn’t want anyone to know she got down and I know they say everyone’s talking about it now but I think a lot of people that really suffer with depression still don’t talk about it, they don’t. I think people are still frightened to say it”.

Ms Flack took her own life at the age of 40 on February 15, 2020 after she was charged with attacking boyfriend Lewis Burton, 28.

She endured an onslaught of trolling on social media and also faced a very public trial after denying the assault.

Channel 4 said Caroline Flack: Her Life And Death, will “delve beyond the headlines to reveal the complex woman behind the public persona, as well as exploring the pressures that fame, mental health, press and social media had on Caroline throughout her life”.

The documentary premiers March 17.

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