Carnie Wilson stuns with latest weight loss reveal

Carnie Wilson is opening up about her recent weight loss.

In an interview with Fox News, despite speculation, singer Carnie Wilson revealed she didn’t participate in the latest weight loss craze and take Ozempic. Instead, she avoided sugar and gluten to help lose more than 100 pounds.

“It’s been really hard to do. No pills, no shots, no drugs. It has been purely willpower,” she told Fox. “I really keep fried food and sugar and gluten out of my diet. But there’s so many things to eat. I’m not deprived.”

One thing she does miss, however, is a good bagel, admitting “the gluten-free bagels are not the same.”

She also underwent a gastric bypass and had lap-band surgery several years ago.

While talking with Fox News, Wilson admitted she didn’t want to take Ozempic after her doctor cautioned her about the various side effects. However, she says she doesn’t believe there should be a stigma around it.

“I personally was too scared for any side effects, gastrointestinal side effects,” Wilson told Fox News Digital. “My doctor warned me. He said, ‘This is an option if you want to do it, but I am warning you that it has not been around enough for the way many people are using this, and that is for weight loss.”

In fact, it’s because she already had gastric bypass surgery that she worried how she would react to Ozempic.

“I didn’t want to take a chance with my anatomy that I have had gastric bypass surgery and a lap-band over that gastric bypass,” Wilson continued. “I was not prepared to have — I was too scared for the side effects. So, it wasn’t right for me. And I do not put anyone down who has done it or wants to do it. To each his own. I believe that we are OK with having some kind of intervention in our lives. I’m a proponent of that.”

Now, thanks to the surgeries and her new diet, Wilson is down from 310 pounds to 200 pounds. And “that’s frickin’ amazing,” she said to Fox.

She admits that her decision to remove sugar and gluten from her diet came at a time when her doctor warned her she was “half a point away from being diabetic.” Fellow singer Kelly Clarkson revealed the same thing earlier this year when she opened up about her own weight loss.

“I am so thrilled about that, you know what I mean? I’m not skinny, I’m not perfect, but I’m so much healthier than I was,” WIlson told Fox News. “And I just want people to be healthy. So, if you take Ozempic or Mounjaro or whatever you do, and it works for you, great. Get healthier. There shouldn’t be a stigma around any of this. It’s to improve our health.”

While talking with People, Wilson admitted sugar “was my kryptonite.” But now she’s in “control.”

“I feel so much better,” she told People. “I treat my body with respect now.”