Carne Bollente x Frizbee Ceramics Release Orgasmic Collection

Sex-positive and Paris-based collective, Carne Bollente has collaborated with Brussels-based Frizbee Ceramics for their capsule collection.

Providing an "orgasmic twist" to your favorite kitchen and wardrobe essentials, Carne Bollente and Frizbee Ceramics have added a unique touch of sex-positivity, 90s street art and rave culture, to the mundane. Tapping into the artistry of porcelain home goods, Frizbee Ceramics has been producing one-of-one goods since 2016 and this collaboration is equally as intimate. With a handmade "range of plates and cups, as well as funky plant pots," that feature bold colors and the words "ORGASM," this line is far from average.

Carne Bollente's eccentric fashion offerings are made with love in Portugal and don exclusive, playful prints like the distorted smiley print, and the signature Allover print, also seen on Frizbee's ceramics. The collaboration also features "a small series of purple faded graffiti effect socks, small neckerchief bandana and our iconic apron," shared Carne Bollente.

View the lookbook above and visit Carne Bollente's website to purchase.