Career Guide: How to become a Forensic Expert

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If you have ever dreamt about solving crimes and becoming a scientist, then forensic science can be a solution to help you achieve both your dreams simultaneously. The application of science and technology in connection with the detection of crime is forensic science. The increasing numbers and sophistication of crimes across the world have given rise to the demand for forensic science. Forensic science is not just the study of fingerprints but it can also be utilized in tracking someone’s digital activity.

Education Qualification Required

The first step is to be established as a forensic expert is to opt for a bachelor’s degree followed by a master’s degree in forensic science. Some of these courses include BSc forensic science, MSc forensic science among other degrees. Forensic science is a multidisciplinary subject as part of the course, one will have to study chemistry, physics, biology, ballistics, engineering, anthropology, dactyloscopy, toxicology, pathology, cybercrimes etc.

One can also pursue forensics as a career without having a BSc degree in the focused domain. While an option to obtain a master’s degree in forensic science irrespective of their bachelor’s. In such cases, the higher education institutes look for a generic eligibility criterion including physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics as subjects.

There are some renowned universities worldwide, which offer online and offline unique courses in forensic science including Pace University, New York, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, University of Copenhagen, etc.

Career Prospects

After completing studies one can become a junior or senior forensic scientific officer at the state or central forensic science laboratory. Students can also practice as forensic experts for sessions in a judicial court. Even forensic science graduates can work for the MNCs, banks, and sports authorities.

There are many organizations in the country, which need services from forensic scientists. For example, Intelligence Bureau (IB), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Hospitals, Police Departments, Law Firms, Defense/Army, Central Govt. Forensic Sciences Labs, Private Detective Agencies, Quality Control Bureau, Banks, Universities, and many more. After securing a job in those organisations, one can find good start remuneration. Government organizations follow the pay scale as implemented. Very often forensic experts appointed in the private sector get salaries in the band of Rs 70 to 80,000 per month.

— Written by Bimal Kumar Sarkar from Adamas University

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