Cardi B's XXL Pamela Anderson-Inspired Blowout Is Just as Good as Her Whip Shots

Cardi B is one of the girlies that's known to switch her glam looks faster than a ray of speeding light so it wasn't a surprise to Hypebae Beauty when the star took to socials to front the biggest and bounciest 613 blonde curls bringing out her inner Pamela Anderson.

Taking to Instagram to show off a campaign for her brand Whip Shots, a range of vodka-infused whipped creams, she's serving pure Cardi B with the party. The white XL stiletto nails with the red Christian Louboutin underside highlight the key lime green whipped cream bottles she's holding, but the real focal point of the photos (and the layout of the brand's page) is her hair. Now, many people know Pamela Anderson for her infamous '90s updo, and while that is iconic, it was her Baywatch blowout for the '90s that also deserves a set at the era table of hairstyles.

We'll relish in Cardi's beauty game for now and thank our lucky stars that our girl hasn't ventured into the world of having a beauty brand — keep giving us the Whip Shots, sis.


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