Car Community Comes Together To Help Disabled Teen Get A Guide Dog

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Car people are awesome!

Now and then a community of people will come together for the greater good to help someone less fortunate than themselves. When this rare occurrence does happen it can ignite within our fellow humans the spirit of love and giving. That is exactly what is happening for one young man in need of a guide dog due to his eyesight.

Brandon Joy is an 18-year-old boy who has recently finished high school. He was born with a debilitating condition called retinitis pigmentosa which, after having him declared legally blind in eighth grade, has reduced his eyesight to just 7% of what someone without the condition might see. Despite having this tragic condition, Brandon has decided to make sure that his life is fulfilling and meaningful. This led him to decide to become a teacher and as such he will be going off to college soon. To be able to complete this goal he will most certainly need a guide dog to assist in his transportation around campus. Fortunately, while these animals can be quite expensive, a community of loving car enthusiasts has come together to make his dream a reality.

Wheels For Wishes is a group of automotive enthusiasts who help those in need by hosting charity events such as car shows where participants and on-lookers alike donate to a worthy cause. Recently they have taken on the challenge of raising a total of $50,000 to pay for a guide dog and help this boy reach for the stars in his dream to become a teacher. Currently, they are closing in on their goal but every penny counts, hopefully, they will achieve their aspirations so that Brandon can continue following his passion for teaching and changing lives.

Source: CBC News

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