Capricorn February 2024 Horoscope: Read Your Monthly Predictions

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Happy February, Capricorn. You've likely heard that you're a sign associated with ambition and money; such traits should only be viewed in a positive mind frame. Not all Capricorns are obsessed with work or materialism — rather, know that these qualities mean that you're driven, loyal, and know how to manifest your dreams. But, playing to type and keeping in mind the unfortunate caveat that horoscopes are subject to the limits of the economy, this month's theme is abundance, Capricorn.

During January, when the sun moved into Aquarius, illuminating your 2nd House of Possessions, your theme of wealth began. The 2nd House is indeed associated with money, but it's also about emotions. When chatty Mercury transits into aloof Aquarius on Sunday, February 4, you're busier than ever, whether with work or a creative side gig. You get so caught up in what you're doing that, in part thanks to the influence of Aquarius, a sign notorious for trying to save the world while forgetting to text their friends back; you may leave loved ones on read. But someone close to your heart needs you around this date. Carve out time for others. There will be a day when you need their support, and you give what you receive.

You'll want to mark down the new moon on Friday, February 9 in your calendar. These mysterious lunations indicate the beginning of new cycles. For you, this lunar phase sees the start of a new professional project or even switching jobs. But if you're a sea-goat who works to live rather than live to work, it could also mean prioritizing your work/life balance and making strides in a hobby, such as starting an Etsy store for your handmade jewelry or booking gigs with your band. Then, the next day, Saturday, February 10, brings the Chinese and Lunar New Year, marking the assertive Year of the Dragon. Don't be afraid to break out your sequins again, Capricorn. You'll feel proud of your accomplishments and want to celebrate.

Both Mars, which rules the passionate side of love, and Venus, ruler of romance, slide into your 2nd House of Possessions right around Valentine's Day, on Monday, February 12, and Friday, February 16, respectively. While this potent combination could indeed mean abundance for your wallet (Venus rules money and love, after all) these transits also bring major blessings to your relationships. Regarding your friendships, someone shows up for you, just like the stars asked you to do for them earlier in the month. Being successful is stressful! Who can you even talk to who won't get envious? Your best friends, that's who. During this time, you're reminded of your support system, which, in turn, helps motivate you to keep following your dreams. And, yes, if you're currently dating or hooking up with someone, mid-month is most excellent for mind-blowing orgasms paired with emotional intimacy.

When the sun enters Pisces, kicking off Pisces season on Sunday, February 18, your creativity (a Capricorn trait that too many people sleep on, honestly) is in full force. It can be hard to convince you to treat yourself to some downtime. Did you know that you're represented by the sea-goat because you succeed both on the material (earth) and spiritual (water) plane? It's this latter, intuitive, and artistic side that comes to light when the moon goes bright with a philosophical full moon in Virgo on Saturday, February 24. As we've warned you plenty of times, as pretty as full moons are, they can lead to stress and feeling run down. After a month that was largely about relationships, feel free to enjoy alone time during this weekend to paint, write, and, of course, sleep. Because you'll feel called to work on your creative projects, you won't even be able to give yourself a hard time for not being productive. Enjoy, and we'll see you in March.

Important dates in February 2024:

Sunday, February 4: Mercury enters Aquarius
Friday, February 9: New moon in Aquarius
Saturday, February 10: Lunar New Year
Monday, February 12: Mars enters Aquarius
Friday, February 16: Venus enters Aquariuse
Sunday, February 18: Sun enters Pisces
Thursday, February 22: Mercury enters Pisces
Saturday, February 24: Full moon in Virgo

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