Capital Markets Day in Schouw & Co.

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Aktieselskabet Schouw & Co.
Aktieselskabet Schouw & Co.

Schouw & Co. invites financial analysts, institutional investors and media to a Capital Markets Day on 1 September 2022.

Jens Bjerg Sørensen, CEO in Schouw & Co., will give an update on Schouw & Co.’s ambition to exceed DKK 35bn in revenue by 2025 and share insights into the ESG and sustainability journey.

Carlos Diaz, CEO in BioMar, will share details from BioMar’s new 2028+ strategy, elaborate on the competitive advantages from R&D and sustainability, and give insights into new ventures in BioMar.

Bo Lybæk, CEO in GPV, will update on the merger with Enics and share views on the long-term potential in becoming a European #2 EMS provider.

Please see the enclosed invitation. Registration required no later than 25 August 2022 at

Aktieselskabet Schouw & Co.