Capital increase at conversion of bonds to shares

FirstFarms A/S
FirstFarms A/S

As informed in company announcement no. 16/2016 of 1 September 2022, 24 bond owners have chosen to convert bonds for totally 66,130,745.74 DKK to FirstFarms shares.

Therefore, as of 30 September 2022 a total of 1,211,889 shares of 10 DKK will be issued, corresponding to a capital increase of 12,118,890 DKK. 404,306 shares are issued at price 49.21 and 807,583 shares are issued at price 57.25.

The company’s new capital hereafter constitutes of 93,922,770 DKK.

The following related parties convert bonds: Thoraso ApS (closely related to Chairman Henrik Hougaard) converts bonds for 19,896,000.00 DKK at price 49.21 and for 19,338,983.05 DKK at price 57.25, respectively. In addition, Vice chairman Asbjørn Børsting converts bonds for 816,949.15 DKK at price 57.25.

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