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Bucharest, Romania--(Newsfile Corp. - August 17, 2022) - Global fintech company has announced the evolution of its trading platform, designed to enhance worldwide access to retail trading. The firm is positioning to be one of the leaders in the fintech, trading, and investing space, with core features such as fractional share investing and global market access.

A Romanian-founded, Eastern-European fintech startup, transitions its development by attracting experienced talent, starting new own offices, and adding new product verticals.

Since starting as a CFD broker, has announced the introduction of various strings to its financial bow. Share investing, crypto, and neo banking services are the three new verticals will soon add to its lineup. They will integrate all products under a single trading super-app offering a merged financial product experience.

Currently, the firm enables traders to draw on over 2,100 CFDs from eight categories: shares, bonds, currencies, and more. Now, is unveiling its new product, which seeks to remove barriers between potential retail traders and global markets. It will enable users to directly invest in stocks from tens of exchanges worldwide, including NASDAQ and EURONEXT.

Its four operating licenses cover almost two-thirds of the globe. Senior officials underline the company's plans to open more branches across Europe (Chech Republic, Germany, Italy) to the already operating locations in Abu Dhabi, Cyprus, Spain, and Romania. Expansion plans include the addition of 5 more operating licenses for crypto, EMI, and local brokerages in selected areas such as Latin America and South-East Asia.

Through, global traders will be able to invest in more than 5000 of the biggest stocks in the world, thereby opening up a host of new multinational trading opportunities. Previously, the average retail investor may have felt that the top indexes and stocks were restricted to elite or accredited investors. With's latest announcement, these markets are being opened up to small-time retail traders.

Furthermore, is facilitating fractional share investing via CFDs, enabling smaller investors to access big-name stocks that would have previously been too expensive. Earlier this year, the cost of buying a share on was well over $2,000, not accessible to the majority of casual, small-time traders. Through's system, these traders can invest in a fraction of shares in high-profile brands. With, rather than having to muster thousands of dollars for a single share, investors can now invest in increments of a single share. plans to continue its platform expansion and will soon incorporate purpose-built crypto-trading and neo-banking platforms. All of the fintech firm's products will be integrated into the super app. As part of its announcement, the company also underlines its commitment to transparency and security, with funds being protected by sophisticated tech and being stored in highly reputable banks.

"Our ultimate aim at is to create a wholly standardized trading platform that is open to all, regardless of where you live or your budget. Providing access to global markets and share ownership are two hugely important steps towards this objective. Alongside this, we are proud to offer free educational resources for all our clients through CAPEX Academy, further leveling the playing field for small-time retail traders. We are now over 400 people working on multiple continents in all time zones striving to deliver an ecosystem that gives clients what they want and need," stresses Octavian Patrascu, CEO of

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