Cancer February 2024 Horoscope: Read Your Monthly Predictions

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Happy February, Cancer. You're in for a passionate month, just in time for Valentine's Day. Don't expect to be the same person at the end of February that you were at the beginning. During January, Venus moved into your 7th House of Partnership, making love feel rom-com-level cute. While last month was about the sweet love, the type associated with pink in color magic, this month ushers in fiery-hot red. But to get what you want you need to be able to talk about it. When messenger Mercury enters Aquarius and your 8th House of Sex on Sunday, February 4, you're down to talk about what you want (and don't want) in bed, whether that means negotiating role-play scenarios with your partner or deciding what sex toy to treat yourself to.

Each lunar phase is associated with various magical properties, and the new moon is a time for fresh starts and beginnings. Friday, February 9 brings a new moon in Aquarius, the rebel of the zodiac, encouraging you to embrace change. Consider engaging in some sort of ritual this night, such as taking a spiritual bath or practicing sex magic. To do the latter, simply energetically “throw” your pleasure and/or orgasm towards a goal by visualizing it as you come. If you don't always have an orgasm, you can just use your sexual energy, and if you're asexual, try directing feel-good sensuality towards a goal, such as thinking about your dream job while getting a relaxing massage. This new moon also serves as a reminder that you can set goals all year ‘round, not just at New Year’s. But, speaking of, Saturday, February 10 brings the Lunar New Year, which is also the Chinese New Year, kicking off the Year of the Dragon. Embrace this bold energy by reminding yourself that you deserve to have the life you want.

When the warrior planet Mars moves into Aquarius on Monday, February 12, you're challenged to embrace an ideal combination of acting calm yet assertive. Continuing the themes above, this transit helps you fight for your worth both at work and in relationships. Some Cancers may see themselves petitioning for better pay or work/life balance, while others may begin to untangle themselves from an unhealthy relationship. Others still will go through changes in both areas. As you know, Cancer, from your deep emotional nature, sometimes, when it rains in pours. While, when it comes to anything related to money, unfortunately, horoscopes are up against a pretty rough economy, the stars do provide you with more fairy dust on some days than others. As sweet Venus, ruler of love and money, joins Mars in Aquarius on Friday, February 16, rest assured that when it comes to any negotiations, the planet of abundance is on your side.

All the change that February brings can be a lot to process. Self-care is the name of the game when Pisces season begins on Sunday, February 18. The next few weeks see you feeling more philosophical than usual as you process all of the changes that happened so far this month. Even if you haven't seen results yet, you asked for what you want, which is hard work. Fortune favors the bold. While people tend to know about the emotional depth of a Cancer, oftentimes, your strength and tenacity are overlooked. But remember, you come with a hard shell and pinchers. You're not someone to mess with.

Keeping in mind the caveat that, unfortunately, astrology can't promise money, know that there's a powerful full moon in Virgo on Saturday, February 24, which, according to the stars, is a fortuitous time for manifesting the goals you set earlier in the month. While inky new moons are a time for fresh starts, full moons tend to bring results surrounding intentions set during the new moon phase. Enjoy the fruits of your labor, and we'll see you in March.

Important dates in February 2024:

Sunday, February 4: Mercury enters Aquarius
Friday, February 9: New moon in Aquarius
Saturday, February 10: Lunar New Year
Monday, February 12: Mars enters Aquarius
Friday, February 16: Venus enters Aquarius
Sunday, February 18: Sun enters Pisces
Thursday, February 22: Mercury enters Pisces
Saturday, February 24: Full moon in Virgo

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