Canadian Politician Gets Buzzed After Swallowing Rogue Bee At News Conference

A Canadian politician got a surprise “hive” five after a bee flew into his mouth during a news conference on Friday.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, brother of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, was talking about possibly privatizing health care when the winged invader went straight into his mouth, according to video captured during the news conference.

Video shows a bee begin to circle Ford about midway through the news conference.

Ford noticed the bee and attempted to swat it away from him, but the efforts proved useless, as the bee first landed on Ford’s bottom lip and later went into his mouth, causing him to let out a cough.

“Little bugger got away in there,” Ford said after taking a moment to cool down.

“Man, he went right down the hatch,” Ford said.

You can watch the buzzworthy clip of the bee below.

The moment straight from the hive inspired a number of bee-focused jokes.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.