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With eyes fixed on the future, Quebec-based company ROYER offers all-new innovative and high-performance products thanks to its state-of-the-art facility and equipment.

MONTRÉAL, June 28, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ - Since 1934, ROYER, a family business, has been a true leader in the Canadian footwear industry. With its two factories, located in Lac-Drolet and Sherbrooke, ROYER proudly offers cutting-edge Canadian products that serve thousands of workers each year. To survive labour shortages and satisfy its customers all around the world, the manufacturer, who is no stranger to going beyond the needs of work boots, continues to invest in robotics and high-performance automated devices, positioning itself as a leader in-technological innovation.


Growth Through Technological Innovation

Determined and driven by the unrelenting pursuit and desire to create quality products, ROYER has made innovation a top priority. In 2019, Royer advanced its automation adoption by opening a second factory in Sherbrooke, Quebec, equipped with several active robots to assist the production and logistics chains. By committing to producing high-quality protective boots for workers in factories and aluminum smelters, the company survived the wave of relocation. Thanks to this technological shift, ROYER's quintupled the company's productivity, a considerable feat in the industry. "We want to prove that it is still possible to manufacture innovative and high-performance products here in Canada," says Simon La Rochelle, President and CEO of ROYER.

ROYER's modern approach demonstrates the importance of adaptation in all work processes and practices and continual skill enhancement of its team.  Rather than deter ROYER, these challenges motivate the team to design work shoes that surpass all the others available on the market! Digital transformation is a model of success and indeed a clear inspiration for manufacturing companies.

The ROYER Difference

Along with select partners, ROYER works closely with Primaloft and Vibram, two major players in premium winter technologies with patents in several spheres. World leader in metatarsal production, ROYER has a wide range of products with more than 200 available models. The company's mission is to offer a product for every industry and for every worker that goes beyond the usual offering! Available at hundreds of retailers across Canada and online at, the company stands out for its outstanding before and after-sales service as well as its fast and efficient delivery. Still considered an SME, it is among multinational companies that ROYER has its place well anchored in the country and plans to keep it for a long time.


Since 1934, the ROYER family business has been a true leader in the manufacturing of work boots and shoes in North America. Proud of its values of "respect", "rigour" and "perseverance", ROYER is determined to prove to the world that it is possible to manufacture the best boots in the world right here in Canada. Each year, the company sells more than 150 models in twenty different countries, and most models are entirely made on Canadian soil. As a result, ROYER has become a blueprint of success for a bold and innovative manufacturing company.

Royer logo (CNW Group/ROYER)
Royer logo (CNW Group/ROYER)



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