This Canadian 'Dark Sky Highway' is a stargazer dream

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This Canadian 'Dark Sky Highway' is a stargazer dream
This Canadian 'Dark Sky Highway' is a stargazer dream

E.C. Manning Provincial Park is a very special place. The closest city is 45 minutes away, meaning there is no light pollution anywhere near the park, hence why it is located along what has become known as the Dark Sky Highway, and as the sun sets below the mountains in the park , the skies really come to life.

Photographers from around the country come out here to get a good glimpse of the Milky Way and other incredible constellations, and now the Manning Resort and the park are working towards becoming a dark sky designation.

“That means it is a continued commitment to preserve and protect the night and the environment but more specifically the organisms that live in the park that rely on the night to hunt and navigate,” explained Manning Park Communications Manager Emma Schram.

Every year, the resort partners with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada for an Astronomy Weekend, where visitors can speak with experts, learn how to use a telescope, and even participate in yoga under the stars. This year’s event is taking place October 15-17, and while it is sold out, any time of year is the perfect time to go stargazing in the park.

Learn more about this stargazer's dream destination in the video above.

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