Canadian broadcaster hopes on-air Valentine's Day shout-out keeps him out of trouble

Mark Connolly, a host for the CBC’s Olympics coverage, was hoping to keep himself out of hot water with his wife on Wednesday when he gave her a shout-out for Valentine’s Day.

As he introduced men’s doubles luge to viewers, Connolly said, “What could be more romantic than the Italian team on St. Valentine’s Day? Shout-out to my wife, who I did not send chocolates to, but this counts for more than that, because I mentioned you on national television.”

(You can see the video here.)

But does it?

Connolly really wanted to bring his point home, tweeting about his acknowledgement, tagging wife Alyson in the process:

And apparently Mrs. Connolly was OK with it – though she made sure to drop in a little hint that she wouldn’t mind some flowers:

Hopefully it’s not too late to get something delivered…Mark’s Twitter bio says he also hosts morning radio in Edmonton – getting himself relegated to the doghouse when he returns is a really cold proposition.

What’s more romantic than Italian lugers on St. Valentine’s Day? (AP)