'It sort of exploded on us': Riders stunned after bird collision with coaster at Canada's Wonderland

You may want to think twice about choosing the front seat of a rollercoaster after ride collides with bird

TORONTO, ON - August 23: The moon watches closely as thrill-seekers ride Canada Wonderland's newest roller coaster, Leviathan. It's the tallest and fastest in Canada boasting an initial drop of 80 degrees while reaching speeds of 148 km/h. (Randy Risling/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

You may want to think twice about choosing the front seat of a roller coaster after a collision between Canada's Wonderland Leviathon roller coaster and a bird left thrill seekers covered in blood and feathers on Tuesday.

Toronto man Hubert Hsu thought he was making a bold choice by choosing the front row — something he typically wouldn't do, Hsu told media.

As the coaster climbed its way to the peak of one of the ride's many loops, Hsu says what appeared to be a pigeon made direct contact with the front of the car he was in.

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“I looked down and saw blood and my hands and my face. There was a feather on my hand, and feathers on the girl next to me’s shirt. It seemed like the coaster car hit the bird and then it sort of exploded on us," Hsu said to media.

Left in a state of shock and confusion over what had just occurred, Hsu said that Wonderland staff did not take any action until other riders on the coaster flagged down ride operators.

The riders were then safely able to dismount the ride once the coaster came to a stop.

“I asked for wipes, and they gave us those brown, disposable paper towel rolls like you see in industrial schools,” Hsu said to media.

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A representative for Canada's Wonderland confirmed the incident, saying a guest had reported an incident involving a bird.

A statement released by the theme park states that first aid was offered to the rider, and no injuries were reported among the guests.

The same cannot be said for the bird, though its condition remains unknown.