Canada Resumes Commercial Passenger Flights from India After Month-Long Ban

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The Canadian government on Sunday lifted the month-long ban on passenger flights from India. The restrictions were put in place in light of the Covid-1 protocols. Canada had previously extended restrictions on all direct commercial and private passenger flights from India until September 26. Now, with the ban coming to an end, passengers can fly to Canada with precautionary measures including a negative Covid-1 test report from an approved laboratory.

Air Canada, the largest airline of the North American country Canada, is finally resuming operations after over a four-month pause. The country suspended flight services from India in April this year owing to surge in COVID-19 cases amid the ongoing pandemic. Now, the restrictions on direct connectivity have been eased for flights to and from Delhi. Air Canada has restarted nonstop flights with new guidelines where WHO-approved vaccinated travellers must undergo a rapid PCR test taken not more than 18 hours before departure from Covid-19 Testing Centre and Lounge at Terminal 3, Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The airline said the passengers traveling from India to Toronto, Canada, must carry an RT-PCR test done before 18 hours of boarding the flight. Earlier, Canada required passengers from India to take a negative RT-PCR in a third country before giving access. This requirement has now been dropped. The first departure of Air Canada flight from Delhi is scheduled for September 22, Wednesday.

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Replying to a user on Twitter, Air Canada confirmed that it is resuming flight operations from Delhi. The airline responded about the resumption of direct flights between Toronto and Delhi. The tweet reads, “Hello, thank you for reaching out to us. Yes they are, however it is subject to change depending on the Canadian Government. Kindly refer to your DMs for further details on how to prepare for your upcoming flight.”

Air Canada also confirmed that a passenger may be able to travel if provided with proof of a certified PCR test result. As per Air Canada Covid testing requirements guidelines, the positive test must be taken between 14 and 180 days, ahead of the scheduled departure flight to Canada.

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