Erin O’Toole speaks after loss: Conservative leader says Trudeau creating 'division’ for 'selfish’ gain

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In Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole concession speech after the 2021 election turned in the Liberals favour for a minority government, he focused on Canada's "division" while teasing that he intends to stay on as leader of the party.

"For too long we have been divided, for too long we have seen politicians pit region against region, neighbour against neighbour, but when we are divided, Canadians get left behind," O'Toole said. 

Mr. [Justin] Trudeau thinks Canadians should endure 18 more months of divisive campaigning so he can try, once again, to get the election result he wants. We need to heal the divides in Canada, not risk worsening them for selfish gain.Erin O'Toole, leader of Conservative Party of Canada

The Conservative leader stressed that he has been calling for a "Team Canada" approach to combat COVID-19 and said now Canadians need that "more than ever."

O'Toole also stressed that the path forward is to "engage more Canadians in our Conservative movement."

"It is a conservatism that reveres strong communities and compassion for one another, for our environment and for those in need, at home and abroad," he said. "It is a conservatism that respects hard work and character, and the fact that millions have come to this great country for liberty and opportunity."

"It’s a conservatism that believes reconciliation is more than a box to check, it is the very keystone of Canada reaching its potential, and it starts with clean drinking water as a basic human right, still denied to Indigenous children born today."

O'Toole referenced the popular vote of the election, which currently has the Conservatives ahead of the Liberals at 34.05 per cent to 31.75 per cent, at the time of his speech.

"We will take stock of what worked, and what didn't, and we will continue to put in the time, showing more Canadians that they are welcome in the Conservative Party of Canada," he said.

"Above all, we must continue to show Canadians that whether you’re Black, white, brown or from any race or creed. Whether you’re LGBTQ or straight, whether you are an Indigenous Canadian or came to Canada five weeks ago, or five generations ago...whether you’re doing well of barely getting by, whether you worship on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, everyday or not at all, you are an important part of Canada and you have a place in the Conservative Party of Canada."

O'Toole closed off his speech saying that he "will be ready to lead Canada's Conservatives to victory" in the future.

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