Campaign signs, Bateman Island, Richland School Superintendent among Herald letters topics | Opinion

Be civil about election signs

In these emotionally charged times, it’s easy to express discontent toward opposing opinions, especially in regard to the recent recall effort of three certain Richland School Board members. Regardless of what banners are displayed (whether for or against the recall, or any election period), if the banner is placed on private property, it’s placed there with the express permission of the owner of that property, and is not to be removed. This includes open areas in which private property signs are posted, or on fences lining major roadways.

Please show some civility and dignity, respect the rights of the owner’s property, and leave these banners in place, until the owners remove them at the end of the election season.

Derek Bowls, Richland

Bateman Island deserves bridge

I believe the decision is sound to breach the causeway to Bateman Island in the Columbia River for the reasons described by the Open Rivers Fund of Resources Legacy Fund (

In the absence of the causeway, a new bridge is in the planning to provide subsequent access to the island. I am writing to encourage a functional and attractive bridge; specifically, a smaller version of the cable bridge. Like so many from near and far, I appreciate the striking beauty of the cable bridge and to have that “echoed” in a smaller model would be visually appealing and functional.

I don’t know the cost; hopefully it is doable. But even as the new Lighthouse on the Columbia and the Duportail Bridge over the Yakima River are creative, functional and attractive, perhaps so too can the same engineering be applied to a “Little Cable Bridge” accessing Bateman Island.

Timothy J. Ledbetter, Richland

Richland is lucky to have Redinger

Richland is lucky to have a school superintendent as good as Dr. Shelley Redinger. I base this opinion on the experience of my father, who was, for the last half of his long teaching career, a school principal. Over the years, he occasionally talked about his “Supers” at home. They demonstrated the usual variety of ordinary human characteristics. Dr. Redinger has demonstrated that she has some of the better ones: she can think clearly, she has the best interests of the school district in mind, and she can act decisively when needed.

It is clear that in a world of children, Dr. Redinger is a grown-up. There is presently no justifiable reason for a superintendent “succession plan.” One day she might reckon she has had enough of the nonsense of Williams, Byrd, and Bird. Her successor should be sought only after that day.

The people served by the Richland School District would do well to ensure that day is far in the future.

Harold Kirkham, Richland

ECEAP helps kids, community

My daughter currently attends ECEAP (Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program). ECEAP has done so much for my daughter. She is in an individualized education program to get speech services. She has been showing improvement in her speech therapies sessions and also at home. Also, since she got diagnosed with autism, they agreed to re-evaluate her to see if she qualifies for other services. If they wouldn’t be taking these measures my daughter would be getting behind on her developmental goals.

ECEAP also helps with getting kids into a school routine. I am asking to help invest in this program so it can continue to help offer children services that they need to help with development, and also to help children start an early education, and to prepare them for Kindergarten.

This investment will not only benefit my children, but also other families and our community.

Mireya Mejia, Pasco