Camila Cabello Debuts New Peroxide Blonde Hair and Looks Unrecognizable Ahead of the Grammys

camila cabello at the grammys
Not to Alarm You, but Camila Is Now Blonde!Christopher Polk - Getty Images

It was just last week that Camila Cabello debuted her shortest fringe to date (read: itsy bitsy micro-bangs) but now–aka as of 14 or so hours ago–she's taken the hair transformation up a notch (or two) with a shocking new bleach blonde look.

The singer took to Instagram with a recent video reel to debut said peroxide blonde hair, and it has racked up over half a million likes (and counting!). Though, are we really surprised? Spoiler: The answer is no. No we're not.

Captioning the video clip, Camila wrote: "it’s time >:)." Could she be hinting at a new era? Or even a new album? Let the speculation begin....

As shown, Camila is rocking a true bleached blonde hair tone that is a hybrid shade; It isn't as bright as platinum or light ash hair, as warm as golden blonde, or as dark as full-on brunette lowlights, but it has elements of all hues combined. Not only is the color bold and dramatic in comparison to her signature raven hair, but the wet-look style lends itself to beachy, salt-slicked waves with heaps of texture and movement. A statement that we love to see!

Friends, fans and followers of the star have also taken to the comments section to share their thoughts and theories on her head-turning new look. Read a select few standouts below:

"🔥I FEEL like we are gonna get a STRIPPED xtina type ERA😮🤩"

"Blonde bombshell pop star era incoming 🙌'

"Finally let the blonde out of the bag"

"a new era has entered the chat"

"its time to drop a new album, yes"

"Oh my GOD😍"


"wowwww blondes have more funnn😍🤪"

"screaming crying throwing up"

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