Cameron Norrie’s girlfriend: His tennis tours kept us apart… until I lost my job

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Louise Jacobi has been courtside for Cameron Norrie at Wimbledon  (PA Wire)
Louise Jacobi has been courtside for Cameron Norrie at Wimbledon (PA Wire)

Cameron Norrie’s girlfriend has revealed she initially “just wasn’t interested” in the tennis star — but they were brought together when she lost her job.

US entrepreneur Louise Jacobi, 32, said she met the UK’s top tennis player at a New York bar three years ago after being introduced by friends. Things got off to a rocky start because Norrie was always away on tennis tours, but his “persistence” and the fact he did “an amazing job at keeping in touch” allowed their early relationship to flourish, she said.

Wimbledon 2022 | Cameron Norrie

In October 2019, Ms Jacobi’s ex-employer went bankrupt and she lost her job — so Norrie asked her to join him at the Vienna Open.

“When he asked me, I thought: ‘I guess this guy doesn’t live a normal life, and it’s not like I can meet (him) down the street and go to dinner together,’” she said.

Cameron Norrie and girlfriend Louise Jacobi
Cameron Norrie and girlfriend Louise Jacobi

“So I went on this trip and was only supposed to be in Vienna for five days, and things just went really well… In some weird way, I was like: ‘Thank God I got laid off when I did’, because we were able to build the foundation of our relationship before Covid hit.”

Norrie and Ms Jacobi were in tears after he beat David Goffin to reach his first Wimbledon semi-final. She said taking on world No 1 Novak Djokovic tomorrow will be “a tough match. But I know he can do it.”

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