Cameras found taped under sinks in student center restrooms, Utah university says

Someone visiting a third-floor all-gender restroom at the University of Utah student life center discovered a hidden camera taped under a sink, officials reported.

An immediate search of the building Wednesday, Nov. 30, turned up another camera in a basement restroom and tape under a second-floor bathroom sink that may have come from another camera, the university said in a news release.

“I know that this information is upsetting and disturbing,” center director John MacDonald said in the release.

The person believed responsible for placing the cameras has been arrested, MacDonald said. He did not provide further information on the arrest.

Investigators are working to access the images and videos on the recovered cameras.

“I want to assure all employees and patrons that going forward, staff will continue to check under sinks and countertops throughout restroom and locker spaces to make certain no cameras have been installed,” MacDonald said in the release.

He encouraged students to reach out to victim advocates and to call university police if they spot anything suspicious.

The University of Utah in Salt Lake City has more than 32,000 students.

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