Should California ditch daylight saving time or keep it? Here’s what our readers said

Most people prefer ending daylight saving time for good, according to a recent poll by The Bee.

After “falling back” an hour on Sunday, returning to standard time, we published a poll to see what our readers think about the biannual time change. The survey is for fun and is not scientific.

More than a thousand people voted in the poll, with several pouring in thoughts via comments and emails.

According to results as of Monday afternoon, over 50% — more than 600 voters — prefer not observing daylight saving time. This means following permanent standard time and not “springing forward” one hour in March.

More than 30 emails came into The Bee, with a majority saying they’d like to stop daylight saving time and have standard time all year round.

“Switching to daylight savings time in the spring to have more daylight when the days are already getting longer doesn’t make sense,” one reader wrote. “And because the sun rises earlier and earlier in the spring into summer, that takes care of the morning darkness.”

However, about 40% of poll voters want permanent daylight saving time, with some adding that they like having more daylight in the evenings. About 10% of voters prefer things the way they are.

Eleven people emailed and commented on our story saying they don’t mind whether California observes standard or daylight saving time, as long as we pick one and stick with it all year.

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