A California Costco Is Selling Absolutely Massive A5 Wagyu Steaks

Raw whole A5 Wagyu ribeye on white cutting board
Raw whole A5 Wagyu ribeye on white cutting board - Cavan Images/Getty Images

If you're looking to wow an entire crowd, a Costco in Irvine, California, is selling A5 Wagyu ribeye. Not only is the price worth mentioning, but the size of the cut available for sale is immense — it's rare to find  Wagyu for purchase in these quantities.

The Irvine location is selling certified Japanese A5 Wagyu boneless ribeye for $59.99 per pound. Genuine Japanese A5 Wagyu can cost as much as $349 per 10-ounce ribeye steak. Even getting a 14.5-ounce untrimmed A5 Wagyu ribeye can feel like a steal at $179.99. Per a photo posted to the r/Costco subreddit, the cuts Costco is selling appear to average around 4 pounds (or about $240). It's not the cheapest anyone has ever bought Wagyu at Costco, but it's certainly a deal.

One commenter wrote four hours after the original poster that they picked up the second to last one at the store in Irvine. According to another Redditor, this deal was also spotted "at SF too," so it may be worth visiting a Costco location if you're anywhere in California. For that kind of bargain, though, you might want to check your local Costco, even if you're not in the Golden State, just in case.

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An Even Better Deal Than It Seems

Raw whole A5 Wagyu ribeye on plate
Raw whole A5 Wagyu ribeye on plate - Artit_wongpradu/Getty Images

For big steak eaters, four pounds of ribeye may not seem worth $250; as one commenter on the Reddit post alleges, it's barely enough to feed their family of five. But as others point out, A5 Wagyu isn't the same as your typical ribeye. Because of the massive amount of marbling, it's a very rich steak. As one person commented, "I love a good ribeye but I struggle to eat more than a few pieces of the A5."

Wagyu follows a strict classification system based on the yield and the grade. A5 beef is the highest quality Wagyu can reach: It is a meat that has excellent marbling, texture, color, firmness, and fat. The Wagyu available at Costco is certified by the Japanese Meat Grading Association, signified by the logo on the sale sign. According to some commenters who have purchased Wagyu from Costco previously, each purchase also comes with a certificate, so it seems to be the real deal. If there's any still available at the Irvine store (or any others), breaking the steak down into much smaller portions and freezing them — or throwing a big Wagyu party for your whole block — could be the best plan of attack for this kind of deal. The only thing sadder than not eating any Wagyu is overestimating how much A5 you can eat and wasting it.

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