Can Cale Makar make Connor McDavid look human?

Hockey fans are salivating at the prospect of Cale Makar pitting his defensive skills against Connor McDavid in the Western conference finals.

Video Transcript

SAM CHANG: There are so many storylines, right? Like, I know everyone's focusing on Mac versus Mac. But, like, I want to see Cale Makar defend against Connor McDavid. Like, the speed, the speed there alone, I want to see that. I want to see Tyson Barrie versus his old team. I think that's incredible. The Avs have managed to play Matt Duchene in the first round, Ryan O'Reilly in the second round, and now Tyson Barrie in the third round.

OMAR: Oh my God.

SAM CHANG: Great storyline.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Revenge tour.

OMAR: The revenge tour. Wow.

SAM CHANG: Plus, you've got Tyson Barrie, Nazem Kadri. Like, there are so many good storylines here.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Yeah. OK. I like that.

SAM CHANG: And the league is not going to advertise any of them.

OMAR: Probably not.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Probably not, but maybe they'll do a decent job advertising McDavid, the kid that maybe, hopefully-- don't mess this up.

OMAR: The Makar-McDavid thing is actually pretty interesting because if there is any player who could walk McDavid, would it surprise you if Makar did it? I think I would-- I don't-- man--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: It would surprise me because Connor McDavid is on a completely different echelon than anyone else. And just the idea of seeing him get walked at all, even if like an Auston Matthews, who I consider to be number two behind McDavid got the better of him that way, I would be stuck because like the distance between 1 and 2, I think there's a pretty big gap. And it will get lessened with Matthews winning a Hart Trophy, but seeing McDavid get walked at all and having him look mortal, that would be incredible. And to see it in a Western Conference Final like this, that would change our perception of McDavid a Lot. Not completely, but a lot

OMAR: But I think to that point, Makar has done so many things this season that just as a defenseman, that has just like made you go like, holy-- so if there's a one-on-one battle, like Makar and McDavid, does that count as a Mac? Mac--


OMAR: That just came to mind, just as I was speaking.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: Give him a commercial. Give him a commercial.

OMAR: Yeah, Cale Makar--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Cale Makar would do well in a McDonald's commercial.

OMAR: But like, a one-on-one, a one-on-one defensive battle or just like some type of pressure between Makar and McDavid, I think that would be interesting to see, as well.

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