Cal Poly police search for man who slapped woman on the butt in parking structure

Cal Poly is warning students to be aware of their surroundings after a female student was fondled on campus Thursday evening, according to an email sent to students.

Around 8:40 p.m., an unknown male approached a female student from behind and slapped her four times on the butt on the top floor of the Grand Avenue parking structure, the email said.

When the woman confronted the man, he did not immediately flee. Rather, he told the student she had a “nice a--” and asked for her phone number.

About one minute later, the man fled on foot down Pacheco Way toward Slack Street, the email said.

The suspect is described as 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and heavy set with light skin. He has a large black beard down to his chest and is estimated to be in his late twenties to 30 years old.

He was wearing a black hoodie with athletic shorts made of dry-fit material that were possibly gray in color, according to the email. He also had a green lanyard hanging from his left pocket and was wearing a gray beanie and calf-high black socks with black shoes.

Cal Poly Police Department asks anyone with information to contact them at 805-756-2281 or

How to get help

Cal Poly advises students to trust their instincts and to call for help from a secure place if they feel unsafe. They also urge students to be alert to their surroundings and the people around them, the email said. Students should also always travel in pairs or groups and inform friends of intended locations and times of travel.

“Remember, it is not your fault,” the email said. “Perpetrators commit crimes, not victims.”

Lumina Alliance provides support for San Luis Obispo County community members who are victims of sexual and intimate partner violence, including fondling. Their crisis line can be reached at 805-545-8888.

SAFER also provides on-campus crisis counseling and advocacy for members of the Cal Poly community weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The group can be reached at 805-756-2282 or by emailing

Cal Poly’s Title IX Coordinator and Clery Director Maren Hufton can also be reached at 805-756-6770 or