C8 Corvette Transporter Rear Ended In Fatal Accident

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This is awful…

A truck driver from Michigan died in a collision between a semi-truck and a car transport loaded with new C8 Corvettes. According to WLKY, the accident happened on Interstate 64 in Harrison County, which is located in southern Indiana, on the afternoon of May 4.

Watch a C8 Corvette in a street takeover here.

You can see the cab of the truck which hit the Corvette transport is crushed, as are the cars on the end of the transport. According to the report, the transporter had merged onto I-64 and was getting up to speed, something which takes quite the distance for a laden truck, when the other semi ran into the back of it.

This sadly is a real danger when big trucks are merging onto freeways. They often struggle to get up to speed and since they’re so large, it can be more difficult to accurately judge their speed from a distance. Exercising extreme caution around semis is always a wise course of action.

As you might have already guessed, it was the driver of the other truck who died. Somehow he survived long enough to be transported to the hospital, where he later died. How someone could’ve survived in that wreckage for any period of time is beyond us.

While the loss of life is the most tragic part of this incident, it also took out at least a couple of new C8 Corvettes. Since the mid-engine American sports cars are so hot and GM has struggled to make enough to even somewhat satiate demand, this will only help to increase their rarity, if only slightly.

Of course, with all the crashed C8 Corvettes pouring into insurance auctions, that’s also helping to keep these cars rare. A tornado in December of 2021 did the same thing. It’s almost like someone wants to keep C8 Corvettes from becoming too common.

Images via Indiana State Police

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