C-POLAR™ Technologies, Inc. Launches in the United States

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C-Polar Technologies
C-Polar Technologies

Business Consolidation of C-POLAR™ Biotech Limited Hong Kong and Polarität LLC Complete

C-POLARTM Technologies, Inc. launches as an international bioprotection leader against viruses and microorganisms, setting the new standard in health and safety with revolutionary technology shown to arrest, inactivate and eradicate up to 99.9% of viruses and microorganisms.

LAS VEGAS, June 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- C-POLAR™ Technologies Inc., a biotechnology protection company dedicated to setting the new standard of health and safety through the protection against viruses and microorganisms, announced the successful business consolidation of C-POLAR™ Biotech Limited Hong Kong and Polarität LLC to form the company. The consolidation brings together two companies focused on developing and commercializing cutting-edge technology that better protects against viruses, microorganisms and other harmful pathogens with a world-class international team featuring incomparable experience in business and technology.

With the majority of viruses and microorganisms, such as COVID-19, having a negatively-charged protective layer, C-POLAR™ technology leverages a positive polymer material to arrest the negatively-charged pathogens upon contact. The virus or microorganism is then inactivated as C-POLAR™ material tears away the envelope and/or destroys the protein membrane. Finally, C-POLAR™ material disintegrates the protein envelope and protein membranes, effectively destroying the virus or microorganism.

C-POLAR™ technology has been validated through rigorous testing studies at multiple top-tier academic institutions and real-world applications to be sustainable, safe, low cost and effective at eliminating even the most dangerous of pathogens. To date, case studies of the technology have been completed by Harvard Medical School, the University of Minnesota, Finland’s Tempere University, Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Nelson Labs, Intertek and the Czech Academy of Sciences. The company has also launched real-world applications of its technology in partnership with the International Commerce Center (ICC), the China Minmetals Tower, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, AsiaWorld Expo, the Bank of America Tower and over 200 other buildings globally. The inaugural application of C-POLAR™ technology features commercial-grade air filtration and personal face masks. C-POLAR™ anticipates quickly expanding its application offering across a wide range of other industries such as medical devices, wound care and water filtration.

“As the past two years living with the COVID-19 virus have demonstrated, viruses, mutated bacteria and airborne pathogens have the ability to drastically upend society and our individual lives. In order for our global community to return to normal, there is an overwhelming need to innovate and update our existing infrastructure to better protect against those harmful viruses and microorganisms,” said Steve Gorlin, C-POLAR™ Technologies Chairman. “C-POLAR™ represents an incredible breakthrough in the science of bioprotection and the important role of international cooperation in order to deliver world-changing results. We are extremely excited to bring this technology to various industries across the globe to effectively lessen the havoc these microorganisms can cause to our everyday lives.”

Recognizing the need for cost-effective, safe and sustainable solutions, C-POLAR™ Technologies’ proprietary material is made of natural and plant-based material that is non-toxic and safe. Unlike other bioprotection alternatives like UV light technology, C-POLAR™ material is 100% safe for direct contact with humans, is free of metallic ions and conforms to the highest safety standards set by leading international and North American regulatory bodies. The main ingredient of C-POLAR™ material has been approved as a food additive by WHO, FDA, and FAO. Additionally, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) has verified and adopted C-POLAR™ spunlace as the raw material for their FFP3 respirators, designed specifically for NHS frontline healthcare workers.

C-POLAR™ Technologies Inc. will operate with an international team headquartered in the United States and international offices in Canada, Czech Republic, and Hong Kong.

About C-POLAR™ Technologies Inc.
C-POLAR™ Technologies Inc. is dedicated to the protection against viruses and microorganisms. The company’s proprietary technology, C-POLARTM material is highly effective and efficient where multiple international studies have shown its ability to arrest, inactivate and eradicate up to 99.9% of viruses and microorganisms. C-POLAR™ material is 100% safe, non-toxic and made of natural, plant-based materials enabling it to be highly versatile and applicable to endless industries and applications.

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