C.J. Miles' advice to young players who get traded

On the latest episode of "Strictly Hoops," C.J. Miles offers advice to young NBA players who get move at the NBA trade deadline. Listen to the full episode on the 'Raptors Over Everything' podcast feed or watch on YouTube.

Video Transcript

CJ MILES: Like nothing that was in that moment was going to change from that happening, like nothing changes. They're going to go work out tomorrow. They're going to go do-- like nothing changes. But I got to do what I got to do, regardless of how I feel.

AMIT MANN: Yeah, but you're a family man, too, like you--

CJ MILES: They coming with me?

AMIT MANN: You've got to find a home.

CJ MILES: Yeah, but like I said like, what I'm doing is greater all that. I'm fine. I play basketball for a living. That's not going to change. That's not going to made me mad. I'm not attached to that part.


CJ MILES: I was just like, I got to do what I got to do. I'm attached to doing what I'm supposed to be doing, not worried about what could happen. And I wish I was like that more in my career, honestly, but by the time I was really like that, it didn't really matter.

AMIT MANN: Yeah, but I'll bet there's going to be Raptor players come Thursday, I mean, even maybe now already, that they're going to wake up, and they're going to be tied of their phone, because they don't have the experience with this situation.

CJ MILES: I was also 33 years old when this happened. You know what I'm saying? So I can't say this for them. I'm just saying, if they hear this, that they should be more that way. Just think about it that way. Put it in perspective of what you got going on, and you'll be able to play well, wherever you go, and figure it out, Because that's out of your control.

AMIT MANN: When you got to go to a new system, new coach, everything and the expectations are different.

CJ MILES: Yeah, it all comes. You just can't let it overwhelm you. Because you also gotta remember, you get there, and you play. I was-- like, when I got traded, I was playing in Memphis on Friday. When I got traded, for me, I left the next morning and played Friday, or whatever it was. Basketball is basketball. You're a professional basketball player. You will figure it out.


CJ MILES: Don't throw away everything you are and have done and built because of a feeling in the moment. Don't do that. That's ridiculous. You going to throw your whole life off seeing a tweet?


CJ MILES: Throw away all the work you've done? Oh, they don't want me. Like, "it's over. I'm not good no more." It's not the case.

AMIT MANN: And it's not even that they don't want you. It's that--

CJ MILES: It's a business, too. It's better-- We think this fits better where we're going.

AMIT MANN: And this could fit you better, too.

CJ MILES: Exactly. And we thought you was the fit before. You know what I mean? It's all growing and going. I can't look at it like everybody's out to get me because I'm going to get traded. I can't look at it that way. Oh, I can't stand it. It's usually not even that case. People don't like it. The rules are not fun when it happens. People in the front office are sad. Trainers are sad. Guys are sad. They losing a partner, like a brother. It's a camaraderie that's built from being with each other every day and going through the ups and downs of a season every day. It's emotional. It's fatigue. People go through family stuff that they share with you. It's more than that. So you've got to look at it for real, like you look at the whole thing.