Bystanders pull man in cardiac arrest from sea after boogie board fall, NC rescuers say

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Courtesy of the Oak Island Water Rescue department.

A man died after bystanders pulled him out of the water when they saw him fall off his boogie board and never make it back up at a North Carolina beach, officials say.

Just after noon May 21 on Oak Island, emergency crews from the fire department, police department and water rescue department responded to a call for a rescue that required medical assistance, according to a news release from Oak Island Water Rescue.

When emergency personnel arrived on the scene, they said bystanders were giving the man CPR with an automated external defibrillator, or AED, obtained from a nearby beach club, an official from Oak Island Water Rescue told McClatchy News on May 23.

The man, believed to be in his mid-60s, was in cardiac arrest when officials arrived and took over the CPR. He was transported to a hospital where he later died, water rescue officials said.

Officials said they did not know whether the cardiac arrest occurred before or after the man fell off his boogie board, adding that it was a “normal, choppy day.”

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