Bylaw passed to change Howick council remuneration

HOWICK TOWNSHIP – At Howick council’s Jan. 17 meeting, a bylaw was passed that changes the remuneration for council members.

The changes are as follows:

- Reeve will now receive $9,147.16 per year;

- Deputy Reeve will receive $8.075.40 per year;

- Councillors will receive $7,762.26 per year.

Members of council will also receive per diem rates for meetings – $170 for regular and special council meetings, and $106 for board and committee meetings.

For seminars or training sessions, council members will receive $106 for a half-day session of up to three hours, and $170 for a full-day (more than three hours).

As for conferences, council members will receive $170 for a one-day conference, and $202 for overnight. Additionally, mileage is paid for members of council, at a rate of $0.61 per km for the first 5,000km, and $0.55 per km after that.

Their meal allowance is up to $62 per day.

Council remuneration is to be adjusted annually by the cost-of-living from the previous 12-month average on Sept. 30 of the previous year. This new remuneration bylaw took effect at Howick council’s Jan. 17 meeting.

Melissa Dunphy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner