Buy This Unimog and Camp at the End of the World

mercedes benz unimog 404 camper conversion
Buy This Unimog and Camp at the End of the WorldBring a Trailer

Between the rise of overlanding and the popularity of nomadic, van-based lifestyles, modified Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans are popping up everywhere. While a Sprinter conversion van will get you most of the places you might want to camp, it will not get you everywhere a car can go. Enter this 1964 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 404, a German military vehicle retrofitted into a camper.

unimog camper conversion
Bring a Trailer

A speedometer measuring in kilometers goes up to the equivalent of just 62 MPH, so do not expect the M180 inline-6 to get you anywhere particularly fast. The strength of the Unimog as a camper platform is its capability, and the portal axles, dual-ranged transfer case, and generous approach and departure angles ensure that the truck has the ability to climb, ford, and traverse its way to camp sites that could normally only be reached by spectacular, purpose-built overlanding rigs.

unimog camper conversion interior
Bring a Trailer

The simple interior is practical and roomy, with a small kitchenette and a seating area that converts into a bed. It is not particularly luxurious or modern, but it is far more comfortable than the Unimog would have been before it was converted into a camper. Fitting for a converted military vehicle, it is a practical place to sleep and stay rather than a hotel room on wheels.

The Unimog is currently available on Bring a Trailer, where it has been bid to $22,500 with a day remaining in the auction. The truck reached $20,750 in a previous auction and did not meet its reserve.

Bring a Trailer is also owned by Road & Track's parent company, Hearst Autos.

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