The Butterfly Bob Haircut Is Everywhere Right Now

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Are you looking for a fall refresh? A butterfly bob could be the perfect new look for you. With its textured layers, the butterfly bob is a fresh take on the classic bob. This hairstyle is fun and flirty—and considering it's gained popularity with celebrities like Zendaya and Jenna Ortega, it's no wonder that it’s trending.

Not only does the butterfly bob breathe new life into the standard bob, but it also provides a minimalistic yet well-defined look. It's a perfect choice for those who desire a hairstyle with shape and body that’s not overly elaborate or time-consuming to style.

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To navigate trying a butterfly bob, we reached out to the pros to break it all down. Together, they shared with us everything you need to know before you embrace the fun and flirtatious butterfly bob.

Meet Our Expert

  • Lacy Redway is a celebrity hairstylist with clients including Tessa Thompson and Hunter Schaefer.

  • Johnny Wright is a textured hair specialist and OurX expert hairstylist.

What Is the Butterfly Bob Haircut?

"The butterfly bob is a less structured version of a traditional bob," says Wright. This playful and romantic style features heavy layers with shorter pieces that frame the face. The name "butterfly" bob comes from the shorter layers at the front of the hair, which resemble butterfly wings."

Does the Butterfly Bob Suit Any Face Shape?

When it comes to choosing a new hairstyle, the task of determining whether it will complement your face shape can be quite challenging. According to Redway, the butterfly bob has the unique ability to adapt to any face shape if you simply adjust the face-framing pieces. Adding to this, Wright explains that with a butterfly bob, you have the freedom to create layers that perfectly align with your specific face shape. “For a more oval face shape, the layers flow or sweep away from the face which is very flattering,” he says. “Individuals with round or square faces can also rock the butterfly bob because it frames the face and creates an illusion of a longer shape.”

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Can the Butterfly Bob Work on Any Hair Texture?

“The cut of this hairstyle has flow, which makes it easier for wavy or textured hair to have an effortless shape that is accentuated with minimal time styling,” says Wright. “If you have thick and coarse hair, find a stylist that has done this style before and incorporates texturizing techniques into their cuts.” The curtain bang effect can be more challenging on tight curls and coils. “For those with finer, thinner, straight, or unruly hair, you may have to incorporate hot tools in order to maintain this style,” says Wright.

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How to Style the Butterfly Bob

There are many ways to style a butterfly bob. One way is to create a simple, elegant look by blow-drying the hair with a round brush and using a lightweight product to create a smooth, sleek finish. Another way is to create a more voluminous look by blow-drying the hair with a diffuser and using a product that adds volume to the hair.  “I love a version that is slightly wavy and a little tousled, almost like rockstar hair,” says Ledway. “I also love a glamorous blown-out version, with big and bouncy curls.”

To create a sleek blown out butterfly bob, Wright recommends following the steps below.

Step 1

Start with clean, dry hair. Then apply a leave-in conditioner. “A good leave-in conditioner/detangler will keep your hair smooth and manageable. I recommend the Ourx Treatment Leave In for lightweight hydration that doesn't weigh the hair down while rocking this style,” says Wright.

Step 2

Once hair is prepped, separate your hair into four sections—two in the front and two in the back. Use hair clips or bands to keep the sections separate.

Step 3

Begin styling the back sections. “Remember to use a heat protectant before using any heat styling tools; it will help protect your hair and maintain your style,” says the stylist. Take one of the back sections of hair and comb it thoroughly to remove any tangles. Then, grab a small section of hair from the bottom and use a curling iron to create loose curls. Repeat this step until all the hair in the back section is curled.

Step 4

Move on to the front sections. Take one of the front sections of hair and comb it out. Use a straightener to create sleek, straight hair with a slight bend at the end. Repeat this step for the other front section of hair.

Step 5

Once all sections of your hair have been styled, carefully remove the clips or bands and let the hair fall into place. Use a brush or comb to blend the curls and straightened sections together for a seamless look. Use a flat iron to smooth out any unwanted frizz or flyaways.

Step 6

Add some finishing touches. To enhance the butterfly shape, you can use bobby pins or hair accessories to pin back the sides of your hair, creating a slight "V" shape at the back, then apply a product that adds a light shine.

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How to Maintain a Butterfly Bob

First and foremost, to prevent any potential harm to your locks, it's crucial to minimize heat use. “Refrain from excessive heat styling and always apply a protective product,” says Wright. Additionally, ensure that you maintain the shape of your haircut. "This particular style demands regular maintenance to style the numerous layers on a daily basis properly," he emphasizes.

In order to keep the bob looking its best, Redway suggests allocating a portion of your budget to visit a stylist for shaping regularly. "In addition to maintaining the cut, it is equally important to maintain the health and moisture levels of your hair by utilizing products that are suitable for your specific hair type," she adds.

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